Top Ten Favorite Fictional Characters
↳ 8. Olivia Dunham (Fringe)

I could get used to this. This is my favorite time of day: sunrise. The world is full of promise.
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fringe + colors

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“Yeah, of course it’s the way that you expected it to end…like, ‘happily ever after.’ That’s what’s beautiful, is that these people don’t live in the real world, they live in your minds and they live in your imagination and the reason you watch shows is so that you can hope. And at the end of the day, I think that’s what Joel was trying to say, is that there is hope.”

— Anna Torv, A Farewell to Fringe

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It’s not about fate, Walter. Yours or mine. It’s about changing fate. It is about hope, and protecting our children.

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Fringe Series Finale tonight…


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100 moments of 100 fringe episodes

The glyphs in the place of the last three episodes say ‘end’ for now. I will update them with actual scenes after the remaining episodes aired. It was a real bitch to choose just one moment but I’d recommend making your own version. Will make you cry if you survive…

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FRINGE Poster Project — 6/15

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she’s gone, son
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Fringe 5x01

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